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 Every Muslim has thirty rights over another Muslim



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: 08/03/2009
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: Every Muslim has thirty rights over another Muslim    20, 2009 7:45 pm

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

Every Muslim has thirty rights over another Muslim which he should either perform or the other should spare him from performing them. He elaborated by saying a Muslim:
should overlook the errors of his brother in faith,

should feel for him when he is in trouble,

should conceal his secrets,

should not talk about his mistakes,

should accept his apology,

should defend him when others try to tear down his mutual friendship,

should pay his dues,

should visit him when he is sick,

should escort his funeral in the event of his death, should accept his invitation and his presents,

should recompense him for his gifts, and thank him for his favors,

should render him proper assistance,

should protect his brothers honor and meet his needs and make him achieve his purpose.

[Even] If he sneezes he should invoke benedictions for him.

Then Imam Ali added:

A Muslim should channel all lost possessions to its owner, reply to his salutations, and treat his statements to be correct, consider his prize to be good, and confirm his oaths.

A Muslim is to be friendly with his friends and assist him whether he happens to be the oppressor or the oppressed one. However, in case he is the oppressor the assistance to be rewarded is that he should be stopped from doing evil and in case he is the oppressed one, the requisite instance is to help him in receiving his due.

A Muslim should not leave his brother unaided to face hardships and should consider what is good for himself as good for his brother, and should not desire things for him which he does not desire them for himself.

"Wisdom is the believer's objective". Imam Ali (a.s.)


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Every Muslim has thirty rights over another Muslim
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